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Star Wars Rings

Rings have been symbols of expressions or simply aesthetic in function. They say a lot about their wearer, beliefs and sense of style. Rings can be placed on any part of the body, for instance, nose rings, ear rings or simply on the fingers as commonly known. Rings can be plain or themed. The Star Wars rings are rings that are inspired by the movies. They feature characters or objects.

I have picked several rings to be featured here. They make great engagement or wedding rings. Some of them can be used as promise bands or his and hers wedding bands. The Star Wars rings have unique ring designs and are perfect as fashion rings as well.

Rings can come in all shapes and sizes, made from a variety of materials including gold, silver, platinum or tungsten. The rings here are all made from stainless steel. The good thing about stainless steel is it does not corrode or rust, simple to care for and is durable.

General Leia Ring

Have you watched The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens? General Leia Organa can be seen with this dramatic ring with two blue lapis-style stones in an Arts and Crafts swirl. This is a replica of the ring that General Leia is seen wearing in these movies.

general leia ring

It is not clear what the ring represents, wedding ring from Han? Mother ring with the 2 blue stones representing Kylo and Rey? But one thing is certain, it makes a beautiful and unique fashion ring. Available in gold and silver ring colors.


I Love You I Know Rings

Stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder. If these words describe you in one way or another, then these rings are for you.

i love you i know rings

Get yourself and your significant other rings that say I Love You, I Know. The famous phrase said between Han Solo and Princess Leia just before he was freezed in carbonite.

This rings are masterfully crafted and with these famous words I Love You I Know. A secret rebel alliance logo is engraved into each ring. This set of 2 rings come in a pair. Made from high quality stainless steel and beautifully shaped and designed. They make great engagement rings or his and hers wedding bands. Perfect for the couple fans of Star Wars.


Lightsaber Rings

If you are searching the galaxy for the prefect ring, you have found it here, the Star Wars Lightsaber Ring!

star wars lightsaber rings

This ring is inspired by the design of a lightsaber.  It is geeky, but very classy at the very same time. This comes in a pair: a red and a blue lightsaber ring. It is made of zinc alloy and plated in silver to give it a glossy finish. The red and blue markings on the ring are done beautifully in high quality enamel.

Available in a set of 2, a red one and a blue one. They are perfect for Jedi and Sith fans.


Boba Fett Ring

Next up in our Star Wars rings writeup is the infamous and the most deadly bounty hunter in the galaxy, who has now an awesome ring. The ring is crafted in the likeness of the iconic helmet worn by Boba Fett. Each stainless steel ring features Boba Fett’s signature Mandalorian helmet that comes peppered with pox marks that showcases its use and wear.

boba fett ring

Bounty hunt in style with this piece of jewelry. Perfect for hardcore fans of the Mandalorian mercs. You don’t need to be a bounty hunter to track down this awesome Boba Fett Ring.


Kylo Ren Ring

Supporters of the dark side, this ring is for you. The ring is crafted in the likeness of the evil Kylo Ren’s helmet and hood. The details of the mask and hood are precisely detailed with textured surfaces to give it a realistic feel.

kylor ren ring

With a hooded figure in textured steel, this ring identifies the wearer as a fan of the masked villian in The Force Awakens. Compliment your jewelry with the masterfully crafted Kylo Ren ring.


R2D2 Ring

R2D2 is argueably the cutest droid around in the Star Wars movies. So it is no surprise that it makes our hearts go beep boop for this R2D2-shaped ring.

r2d2 ring

The top of the ring models after R2D2’s head and a diamond-like jewel placed neatly in the center. The sides of the ring are R2D2’s legs that extend almost all the way around the ring, making it a rather unique ring design.

Look no further, this is the droid you are looking for and it is for sale. Can you resist our beloved droid from a galaxy far far away?


Tie Fighter Ring

Why not tell her or him that you want to TIE the knot with this Tie fighter inspired ring. This ring is made from stainless steel and is designed after the Empire’s flagship fighter. Is is accented by a stunningly beautiful dark jewel in the center.

tie fighter ring

Tie the knot in this extreme geeky way with this Tie Fighter Ring. This Star Wars Imperial TIE fighter ring is perfectly suitable to your dark side! Show your loyality to the Empire as you accent your style with this unique fashion ring.


How to Measure Your Ring Size Correctly

Start off by using a piece of string or a dental floss and wrap it round the base of your finger where it overlaps forming a circle.

It has to fit snug but not too tight. Mark the point of the string/floss with a marker or pen. Measure the length with a ruler and compare the length with the given size charts of the ring.

You can use a paper strip to measure as well.

how to measure your ring size

Caring for your Star Wars Rings

Although stainless steel is durable and does not corrode or rust, rings can be scratched or stained. Your Star Wars rings are no different.

Get some warm water with some mild dishwashing soap. Dip a lint-free cloth in the soapy water and wipe away any stains or dirt from your ring. Then wipe off any soap from the ring using a moist cloth dipped in water. Dry the ring with a clean towel and allow to air dry.

You may polish your ring using some jewelry polish. Try to avoid using toothpaste because it is abrasive especially the whitening ones. Rinse your ring after polishing.

It is best to store your stainless steel ring separately in individual bags or pouches. Keep them separated from other jewelry made of other metals.

Removing Scratches

If you are not comfortable with DIY solutions, I would advise you to seek profession jewelers who specialize in scratch removal.

Otherwise you can use a toothbrush with whitening toothpaste and brush away like you would with your teeth. Start small and do over a few layers if the scratches remain. The abrasive nature of the toothpaste removes small and light scratches. Wipe away the remaining toothpaste and your ring would be looking shiny again.

With proper care and maintenance, your Star Wars rings will remain sparkling and shiny for a long, long time.


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