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Best Star Wars Pet Costumes for Dogs and Cats – 2020

Dressing up your pet dog or cat need not be a Halloween thing. You can still take your furry pups and felines to a galaxy far far away simply with some very creative and amazing Star Wars pet costumes we got here. They are great for pet events, walks or any Star Wars events that allow pets. How about costume contests?

Look no further because these are the Star Wars pet costumes you are looking for. And see some of our loveable friends dressed up as their favorite characters. The force will be strong with your pet.

Yoda with Lightsaber Walking Pet Costume

Star Wars Yoda with Lightsaber Walking Pet Costume

The force is strong with this one! Turn your pet into the most powerful Jedi Master in the galaxy with this officially licensed Star Wars Walking Yoda costume for dogs. Now your four-legged best pal can join the dress-up fun.

This step-in jumpsuit is put on easily by slotting your pet’s paws through the feet of the costume and securing it around the neck. The suit gives it the Yoda’s battle outfit with Yoda’s hands and lightsaber waving around as they walk. Put on the hood with attached tufts of hair and the transformation is complete. This is one of the best pet costumes for Star Wars dog lovers.

Ewok Pet Costume

ewok dog costume

Who let the Ewoks out? This Ewok Dog Costume will transform even the cutest dog into a fierce little warrior from Endor! If you dog is both adorable and intense then this is for you. The costume has a hood that resembles the classic ewok dress and comes with two ewok ears sticking out from the costume. Also included is a costume shirt to slip under the hood and drawstring closure around the face opening for security to complete the full authentic ewok style. Let your four-legged best pal join in on the dress up fun!

Jedi Robe Pet Costume

jedi robe star wars pet costume

Announcing the next legendary Jedi Council member, and he’s wearing the Jedi Robe Costume for pets! Transform your cute and furry friend into one of the warriors and peacekeepers of the galaxy this Halloween with a fun add-on to your Star Wars pet family!

Brown step-in cloak with attached hood with ear holes, light-tan shirt under-layer and belt to secure to pet while wearing. Made of high quality polyester, it comes with a hooded cloak with attached shirt and belt.

Darth Vader Pet Costume

darth vader dog costume

Turn your four-legged best friend to the dark side and become the dark lord with this official Darth Vader Pet and Dog Costume. It’s easy to make even the smallest member of your family ready for some Halloween fun, including trick-or-treating and costume parties! The Darth Vader Pet Costume will turn even the cutest pooch to the dark side.

This pet costume features a step-in black costume jumpsuit with detailed front. Your pets’ front legs go into the costume legs. Also included is a black helmet headpiece. 

Walking Yoda Pet Costume

Star Wars Walking Yoda Pet Costume

Go for this Yoda costume this Halloween and this little Jedi is ready to join you when you hit the streets of your neighborhood for tricks or treats. Perhaps go to a Star Wars costume party or when you have some fun playtime at home. This makes the perfect Yoda look-alike costume.

This costume comes with a headpiece and a jumpsuit with attached arms. The shirt is attached with false foam arms and your pet’s front legs fit into costume’s legs, and headpiece with Yoda’s iconic ears. 

Wampa Pet Costume

wampa dog costume

Transform your furry pet in to an ice creature with the Wampa Dog Costume and watch your friends fall in love with him in a second they see yours in this. Perfect for a family of Star Wars lovers, this costume is a ferocious yet an adorable, choice for this Halloween. Watch your four-legged friend strut around the place with these horns and matching boots.

This awesome Star Wars Classic Wampa pet costume 2-piece set includes a furry faux-fur headpiece with horns and 4 matching furry Wampa feet to match. Save the planet Hoth!

Stormtrooper Walking Cat Costume

Star Wars Stormtrooper Walking Cat Costume

Here comes a life-sized Stormtrooper cat in full battle gear. And which Star Wars fan wouldn’t want that? Well, then this Stormtrooper Cat Costume is purrrfect for your feline friend! This 2-piece set includes an easy to wear jumpsuit with attached arms and an iconic white stormtrooper helmet-like headpiece.

Stormtrooper Walking Dog Costume

Star Wars Stormtrooper Walking Dog Costume

Now this Star Wars fan can have all the fun of a life-sized officially licensed Stormtrooper dog in full battle gear. This Star Wars Stormtrooper Dog Costume is a lovely and adorable outfit that is perfect for Halloween, or any Star Wars themed event, or just for fun of it. It features a white and black step-in shirt front with attached false arms that can be easily stepped into and the cutest iconic white Stormtrooper helmet headpiece. 

AT-AT Imperial Walker Pet Costume

AT-AT Imperial Walker Pet Costume

Get ready to storm the Hoth Rebel base with your dog, equiped in this AT-AT Imperial Walker Pet Costume. This costume is perfect for mischievous and lovable dogs who love getting their paws into trouble. Made from polyfoam, it features a comfortable jumpsuit wrapped around your pet easily. There are four leg pieces with two on each side that have cuffs on the bottom that would go around each one of your pet’s legs. The headpiece has the cockpit of the AT-AT printed on it. The makers of Star Wars will wish they casted your pup to star as an AT-AT! Among all the pet costumes, this has got to be the funniest Star Wars one I have seen.

Ewok Walking Pet Costume

star wars walking ewok dog costume

Transform your neighborhood streets into the forest moon of Endor when you dress up your dog with this Star Wars Walking Ewok Dog Costume. It features a step in hood with attached plush arms that will give the illusion your dog is walking upright with his spear!

This awesome, head- turning costume will make your dog into a star attraction at the Halloween party. Dress your pet today, perfect for the neighborhood dog park, photoshoot fun or even for your pup’s outfit to the next Star Wars fan convention! 

Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume

starwars chewbacca dog hoodie costume

Morph your pet dog with this officially licensed Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie pet costume into Han Solo’s loyal Wookie Warrior companion. Now your furry friend can join in on the fun and dress the part of the fearsome but loveable Chewbacca. It is a great way to help every member of your family enjoy a night out on the town–dress up your child as Han Solo for a perfect tandem look! This one-piece, full-length, slip-on faux fur hoodie resembles Chewbacca’s iconic wooly coat. The costume also features a satchel and bandolier that stays securely wrapped around your pup. A sure hit at the Halloween party, neighborhood dog park, or this year’s pet parade!

Princess Leia Walking Pet Costume

princess leia dog costume

This Halloween, dress your pet dog or cat up as a beautiful and influential woman in the Princess Leia Walking Pet Costume. This 2-piece set includes a cool, white dress suit with attached arms, also included with an iconic headpiece of the Princess’ 2-bun hairstyle. Each designed to comfortably fit your furry friend. It doesn’t matter if you are walking the streets on Halloween or going to a new Star Wars movie viewing, this costume is a perfect choice for any Star Wars lover!

Yoda Pet Costume

yoda dog costume

This Halloween dress your dog with this Yoda pet costume and this little warrior is ready to join you when you for trick and treat as you hit the streets of your neighborhood. How about going to a Star Wars costume party or when you have some downtime playing at home. This makes an awesome Yoda the Jedi warrior costume.

This costume comes with a headpiece and a jumpsuit. It features a step-in tan jacket and headpiece with attached green floppy ears

R2D2 Star Wars Pet Costume

R2D2 Star Wars Pet Costume

Allow your pet to show off their cuteness for the Star Wars series and get in on the dress up fun with this officially licensed Star Wars R2-D2 pet costume. This costume features a blue and white printed top, attached sleeves with foot covers that are worn by your pets front legs, and a matching hat to complete this fun look. 

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