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Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

The Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners are Limited Editions of a personal robot vacuum that will track around your home and give Stars Wars responses to all your commands. You will have quite a lot of fun with this device because you are a fan of Star Wars, and it will be fun for kids who need to learn to clean up. This robot vacuum will come in to editions: The black Darth Vader edition and the white Stormtrooper edition.

Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung, which most people associate with smart phones and humongous TVs, has also been branching out into high-end robot cleaners. Like everyone else, they also wanted a piece of the Star Wars pie, and recently released these two themed robots.

The new POWERbots will be dressed to either look like a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader himself, and feature a number of sound effects and quotes inspired by the Star Wars films. Perfect for dedicated Star Wars fans around the world.

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader

Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Stormtrooper

Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners



There are practically no differences between these two except that the Stormtrooper can only be programmed directly from the buttons on the robot. The Darth Vader comes with a remote control as well as Wi-Fi capability which allows you to control and program cleaning schedules, check on progress all from a smartphone or tablet.

It can also be controlled via Smart Home, Samsung Connect or even Amazon Alexa. Just imagine being able to boss Darth Vader around with your voice.

Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners


Besides the ability to set cleaning schedules that the vacuum will follow independently (e.g., cleaning while you go to work), the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars vacuum cleaners key features include an ability to navigate through a camera system that maps its cleaning environment to assure an accurate and efficient path through your home. It can generate up to 10 airwatts of suction and has a 60 minute runtime thanks to its Lithium-ion battery. The dust bin holds 300 mL and the cleaning path is 11 and 3/8 inches wide.

Samsung promises up to 20x more suction that some of their past POWERbot models, the ability to get deep into corners and edges, and to map out its course as it patrols the floors. The camera onboard along with nine sensors that allow it to determine the best path to achieving its victory, while avoiding furniture, walls and other objects. It then creates a map of its area that can be viewed using the app. It can detect changes in surface (ie, tile to carpet) where it can then adjust its section power to accommodate these. It’s “Edge Clean Master” edge detection allows it to detect walls, where it will then drop down a side sweeper from a shutter and collect debri stuck in those hard to reach corners.

Of course when it is finished cleaning or about to reach the end of its current charge, it will return back to its base on its own, so that it can begin recharging for the next mission. How cool is that!

Samsung Powerbot Star Wars Vacuum Cleaners

Sound Effects

The robot vacuums come complete with Star Wars movie sound effects for the full experience. You can hear the Sith Lord’s breathing, light sabers clashing and even some of the most iconic lines from the movies.

These Are the Droids

Let the Samsung POWERbot Star Wars vacuum cleaners put The Force to work in your home! The Samsung POWERbot Star Wars delivers powerful long-term suction, and the ability to hear your favorite Star War’s reactions to manage button commands. It navigates your home with ease and cleans up every corner of your home.




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