Han Solo Golden Dice

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  • Han Solo’s lucky dice, played in a game of “Corellian Spike” a sabacc variant.
  • Two unique six-sided dice, made from zinc alloy, and plated featuring alien-like symbols.
  • Available in chained, bracelet, necklace, earrings and keychain.
  • The perfect gift for Han Solo fans.
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The Han Solo Golden Dice first appeared in the episode A New Hope as a pair of golden dice hanging in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. They were never seen again on film until The Last Jedi, when Luke Skywalker gave a force-projected version of them to his sister, Leia Organa.

han solo golden dice

This were the dice which were used in the Corellian Spike game of sabacc in which smuggler Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon (a YT-300 light freighter) from Lando Calrissian. It also appears dangling from the rearview of Solo’s landspeeder as he races away with Qi’ra in Solo:A Star Wars Story.  Accordingly young Ben Solo enjoyed playing with the dice while always following his father, hoping to become a pilot one day.

han solo golden dice

han solo golden dice

The golden dice features symbols that seems alien-like at first glance. However, on closer look, you will quickly realize that it is quite simple to interpret. The “i” is 1, the “split circle” is 2, and the rest of the symbols are 3, 4, 5 and 6 sided symbols.


han solo golden dice


We have packaged this popular Han Solo Golden Dice into 5 forms:

TypeSize of DiceLength of Chain
Chained12.5mm7.1" (18 cm)
Bracelet10mm 8.7" (22 cm)
Necklace10mm 23.6" (60 cm) Adjustable
Earrings10mm -
Keychain10mm -


han solo golden dice

 ** Earrings do not come with the box

han solo golden dice

The six-sided dice is made from zinc alloy and plated for quality. All metal and no plastic parts. Chain lengths vary across the necklace, bracelet and the chained versions. The size of the dice is larger on the chained version measuring 12.5 mm as compared to the others measuring at 10mm.

han solo golden dice


han solo golden dice

Good Luck Dice

What good is a gambler without his dice? Wear the Han Solo Golden Dice necklace or bracelet, wear the earrings, hang the chained dice from your rearview mirror of your car, carry your keys in the dice keychain, all for good luck. Wear them to the casino for some luck of your own or in the boardroom to warn everyone that you play for keeps. Shipping is Free.



Specification: Han Solo Golden Dice


Chain, Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings, Keychain

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  1. bill

    This is an awesome movie replica. They weigh just like they do in The Last Jedi and Solo.
    Amazing 10/10

  2. Rob Winsor

    These dice are dope! All-metal, nice and heavy in my hand. If you just want the dice for show at home or to keep with your General Leia costume? They are perfect. I love them.

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