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How to Play Sabacc

The game of Sabacc was involved between Lando Calrissian and Han Solo over a Corellian YT 1300f light freighter called the Millennium Falcon. At the start of the film, it is owned by Lando, but lost to Han Solo by the end of it. Lando won it by playing a card game referred to as Sabacc, and Han won it from him playing exactly the same game. So what is Sabacc and the rules and how do you play Sabacc? Read on in our “How to Play Sabacc” blog.


In the initial Trilogy, Sabacc was not mentioned, it is only a title that is tossed around in reference to gambling. The game was essentially produced in the “Expanded Universe” novels, beginning with Lando Calrissian and The Mindharp of Sharu, but in a light manner with no in depth explanation of the game rules.

Through the years, many variations sprang up across the fandom. But Lucasfilm hardly ever trademarked the term, and when Disney bought the rights, Ren Ventures Ltd had actually done so. Disney is battling to obtain the rights on the title so that they can produce a official licensed version of the game, but up to now, no success. Therefore if you notice why is Hasbro’s edition called “Star Wars Han Solo Card Game” and not”Sabacc”, well you got your reason.

how to play sabacc

The Game

A deck of sabacc comprised of 76 cards. 60 handed out in 4 suits (Coins, Staves, Sabers, and Flasks), with 15 cards a suit. Pip cards are numbered 1 through 11. In addition there are the Commander numbered 12, a Mistress numbered 13, a Master numbered 14, as well as an Ace numbered 15. The additional 16 are 2 sets of 8 exclusive cards:

  • The Idiot (0)
  • The Queen of Air and Darkness (-2)
  • Endurance (-8)
  • Balance (-11)
  • Demise (-13)
  • Moderation (-14)
  • The Evil One (-15)
  • The Star (-17 or -10)

However, in case you are asking yourself why there are cards of negative numbers in the deck, that is because there are 2 standard means to win: Either possess a hand equaling 23 or -23. Each of these are referred to “pure sabacc” hands. There’s one third less popular method to win, referred to as “Idiot’s Array” in which a player can hold an Idiot, a two of any suit along with a three of any suit making it a 23. Read on.

how to play sabacc

How to Play Sabacc

Sabacc’s primary objective is to win Credits. You will find 2 pots: The main primary pot and also the Sabacc pot. Each hand begins with each participant putting an ante into both Main Pot and also the Sabacc Pot. Consequent bets throughout the hand is put solely into the Main Pot. Starting with the participant to the dealer’s left, every player might opt to both bet or fold. Going clockwise through that particular player, each individual must match the prior bet in which to stay the hand. They might additionally raise the bet to a brand new amount. In case a raise is made, most players should at any rate match the brand new option sum in which to stay the hands. When no one would like to increase, the betting ends.

The game can be played between 2 and 8 players. Winning in Sabacc are hands which add to 23 or -23, that are known as Pure Sabacc, or maybe a hand made up of an Idiot (value 0) a 2 of any suit and a 3 of any suit (total value 23) known as an Idiot’s Array. An Idiot’s Array is rare hence it wins a Pure Sabacc. In case nobody has all of these winning hands, the participant with the highest hand under 23 wins.

As soon as the first betting is done, every single player is dealt 2 cards. Then players take turns taking a card or even standing. Afterwards another round of betting usually takes place. The first 4 rounds of play and betting are typically regarded as the pot building stage, so the game can’t be called during this time.

Once the pot building stage is over, anyone might determine they would like to call the hand. One very last round of betting happens, beginning with the calling player, after which players reveal the cards of theirs. Any player with a hands totalling much more than 23, under -23, and precisely 0 in time the hand is called has Bombed Out. The penalty for Bombing Out is paying an amount comparable to the items in the Main Pot into the Sabacc Pot. The winning participant takes the contents of the Main Pot. In case that player won with a Pure Sabacc or maybe an Idiot’s Array, the Sabacc Pot is taken.

how to play sabacc

In the event which 2 or maybe more players have identical winning hands, an unexpected Demise is enacted between them. Each participant in the Sudden Demise is dealt just 1 additional card. Their totals are then re-summed to include the new card. Whichever player then has the best hand wins. In case all players in the Sudden Demise bomb out they don’t need to add into the Sabacc container, however, none are then qualified to win the Main Pot. The Main Pot in that particular situation goes to the player with the very best hand who’s not bombed out.

Sabacc Shift

Within any time during game play, up until the stage where players reveal the cards of theirs, a Sabacc Shift might happen. This particular occasion redistributes the values of the cards in play. It’s the rare situation, every time a Sabacc Shift happens 3 or maybe more times in one hand, should be anticipated and twice isn’t abnormal. The sole means to stop a card from being impacted by the Shift is placing it within the Interference Field. A player might put a card directly into the area at any time during play. This particular Field stops the Shift from affecting the cards positioned in it. The trade off for putting a card in the Field is it’s placed face up which will be noticed by any other players.

Corellian Spike

There are so many variants that more than 80 types of sabacc existed. One particular type was “Corellian Spike,” that utilized some six sided dice and also was played with a smaller deck. Jhabacc was an additional high stakes version which was particularly played at the Outlander Club, in the Uscru Entertainment District of Coruscant.

han solo golden dice
Han Solo’s lucky dice


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